Welcome! Thank you for taking the time out of your life to stop by here.  I appreciate your presence more than I can say.

Oh so about me?  Hmm . . . Where do I begin?  My name is Je’Niece.  Je’Niece McCullough, and that’s about the gist of what is constant about me.  I’m so many things, and something changes every time I think I’ve got myself figured out.  So what I can tell you is this:  I’m a mother, a daughter, a friend, a lover, a dreamer, a healer, and a student of life.  I want the best for myself and for you.  Oh, and I just happen be the late Bernie Mac’s daughter too.

So that probably answers why this space is called Bernie’s Daughter.  It’s funny.  Years ago, I hated being referred to as Bernie’s daughter.  Now, I feel like it’s a badge of honor.  But it’s not because my father is famous.  It’s because he is the beginning of me, and my ultimate inspiration.  This space is an homage, of sorts, to my father.  I say that because he lived his life on purpose doing exactly what  he was purposed to do.  He made a way out of nothingness and I was afforded a front row seat to the entire thing.  And I honor him and everything he stood for by using his example to do the same for myself.  So here I am today, forging my own space, doing what I believe I was purposed to do–walking down the path that he so humbly created before me (Thank You, Daddy!).  So much of him exists in me, and I would be remiss to ignore that.  And as his only child, I know that he lives through me.  And isn’t that what the great circle of life is all about?  So yeah, that’s why Bernie’s Daughter.

So here is where you will read just some musings from my heart. Here is where I will share pieces of myself with you, and since sharing is caring I hope that you know that means I care about you.  I hope you find something worthwhile here. I hope you find something that speaks to your soul and leaves you feeling better.  Should that be the case, please carry it with you. Should you find otherwise, please feel free to leave it here–no sense in taking what doesn’t feel good. My only mission is to share what I can, in the hopes that it will reach and help others.

Thank you again for visiting this space.

Peace & Blessings