Happy Friday!

I used to always say I need to see myself the way others do because I never saw what others did when I looked at me. One of the things I became intentional about this year was acknowledging myself and appreciating myself. When I looked in the mirror I was most likely to say eww and I didn’t like how I was making myself feel. Realizing I have quite a bit of say in my life I decided to change that. I am happy to say that I am in a space where I can now see me and appreciate what I see. And when I say see me I don’t mean hindsight vision of “I could be great if I had done this” or “I’m alright in spite of this.” No, none of that rope-a-dope trope of yes I can, I am somebody or I am Malcolm x. But just Je’Niece is awesome and beautiful and smart and ooh look at your eyes and your pretty smile and your complexion. I had to go back and love on my toddler self and now I’m at adolescence–going through an awkward stage. But I have a pretty solid foundation as far as self confidence is concerned because it’s been instilled in me. So now I can allow myself to enjoy being seen and acknowledged and often I find myself in agreement with what others see because I fully see me.